1. To be quite frank, making chairs didn’t seem very exciting to me at first glance. But over the episodes, I was able to discover and appreciate all the subtleties and refinements implemented in this project. After more than two months of impatiently waiting for the new episode every Wednesday, I can only admire the result. This project is really exciting because it involves so many particular details and techniques. However, isn’t the number of chairs likely to discourage the amateur working with hand tools? I would like to hear Paul give us his advice on how to avoid discouragement when faced with the repetition of certain tasks.

  2. I was lost on how Paul found the 38mm to remove the twist…. I didn’t understand, it was too fast for me.
    The width of the twist is 25mm, where is the remaining 13mm to get to 38mm?

    Why did Paul only make these cuts on the other chairs after applying the finish?
    Couldn’t he have done this check before?
    He did this to all the other chairs?

  3. Mr. Paul Sellers and the rest of the production team
    Quite beautiful to look at. Great techniques on making the chairs. The production team, outstanding work.
    Take care and may God Bless
    Your friend from Canada Dennis

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