1. That slanted housing dado is pretty cool, Paul. It’s really enjoyable to see how we can take the things that you’ve been teaching us on up to the next level. Looks to me like that joint is going to be able to take all the “chair abuse” potentially in its future, that’s for sure!

  2. I just wanted to ask what is different about this sloped housing than the usual flat bottom housing we’ve done on other projects? For example the back of a drawer Paul just makes a standard housing and then cuts the mortise hole. Is this aesthetic or is there a function to the slope I’m not understanding? Thanks.

    1. The purpose of this type of housing is to hide the housing at the edges where, if it was a typical housing, that notch would’ve been visible. That’s why Paul wanted to close those gaps.
      Btw, I think the bottom of that rail could have a straight housing dado… I think it’s just a visual thing.

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