1. At 5:36 you can see where Paul has repaired the cutting of the haunch on the wrong side of the tenon. I did this recently, then decided to remake the whole piece and then proceeded to do exactly the same thing again! This time I repaired my error like Paul has done. The reality is that no-one will ever know. Well they wouldn’t have until now.

  1. A little judicious use of sandpaper in just such a circumstance (37:03) is highly underrated imho. Many times I’ve found it more effective and forgiving than using a chisel πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks Paul.

    You mentioned that one of the tenons was bit loose. I know we strive so that the fit is self supporting. How do you decide when it is too loose and needs a thin patch followed by router plane to thicken the tenon? That’s the part I still don’t have a good feel for. Many thanks for what you do for us.

  3. I’m finishing up this table and it’s been a fantastic project.

    When I diminished my aprons, I left each apron about an inch long. When I cut them to final length I saved the cutoffs and placed them back into the half laps during assembly.

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