1. Wow! As a longtime subscriber, I am blown away but quality of the production of this series. It appears to me that you have the perfect team backing you up!

    Thanks as always for the wonderful content.

  2. I agree that the production and cinematography are great!
    When ripping boards to thickness on the band saw, how much larger than the desired thickness should I cut the board, so that I might be close to the desired thickness after all of the planing?

    1. I asked Paul and he said:

      The issue is how accurate the bandsaw is and how much deviation you get. There isn’t a rule of thumb and it depends on the width of the board and how much blade deviation there is. Bandsaws do tend to drift. I would say 1/16th inch extra for narrow stock or even tighter and for larger boards more.

  3. Hi Paul
    I’m currently making a similar table to these but with an oval top in Elm. I’ve just managed to get 3 boards flattened, edge jointed and glued up for the top but the Elm is a devil to plane. I have a No4 scrub, and a No 3, No 4 and No5 all sharpened and honed which deal with pine and oak without problems. Any tips for the Elm?

    1. Hello Peter,
      How did this table went eventually? given my very sligth experience and lot of Paul watching did you try the scrapper? It occurs to me that it s most of the time the final resort to any grain problem.. Or maybe screwing the plane a little with a tight mouth configuration would help …
      I ve to admit that i really enjoy this project also and I m strongly considering to make one out of walnut ..

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