1. I understand that Paul doesn’t want to punch a hole in the table top with the point of the compass or a nail, but wouldn’t drawing the circle on the underside of the board require so much care ?
    Raised panels are still a challenge for me. I’m impressed by the bevels on a circular board…
    And (better late than never): Happy birthday Paul and Happy New Year to you and your team !

  2. Thanks Paul. My knowledge of more durable finishes is limited as I almost always use shellac. Would several coats of shellac then followed by a quality water based polyurethane be suitable for this table or a kitchen table? If not, could you please provide a bit more detail? Many thanks.

    1. I’ve found that a coat or two of clear shellac followed by a 2-3 coats of a good quality water based urethane will give really good durability.
      The reason I use the shellac is 2 fold.
      1. It seals the wood and prevents the grain rising with the water based finish.
      2. If the wood has reddish tints the water based finish (typically a pH of around 9-10) will kill off the expression of that tint.
      Alternatively spirit based finish is less likely to affect the colour and less likely to raise the grain but also takes longer to cure.

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