1. Great project as always, Paul and team!

    Quick question – would you foresee any issues with using wood brackets (like we’ve seen in other projects) instead of metal brackets to connect the legs to the top of the table?

  2. Just a suggestion: a few drops of 3-in-one oil on the punch mark where you intend to drill the hole through the steel will improve the efficiency of the operation. It’ll also help the longevity of your drill bits.
    Excellent series as always, thanks Paul & WWMC team.

  3. I loved the series, and feel like it s a project to my reach. I will start mine anytime soon.
    By the way i loved to see the rocking chair rock when you bring the table, this house is full of furniture, but also of grand children. Hope you had a bite in the cookies we can see in the end 😉

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