1. A member for about a decade, I am a student who remains deeply grateful for what I am learning from a gifted teacher. That is the spirit in which this comment is offered.

    I realized early on in the viewing that I would not learn what I am meant to learn from this episode until I watch the next episode. The joint being constructed is unusual (perhaps newly invented) and we aren’t shown what it’s meant to look like.

    Suggestion: add 30 seconds at the beginning of the episode to display a model of the joint and how it goes together. Refer to the model at critical moments in laying out and creating the dado.

    Many thanks for years of invaluable instruction!

    1. I second mercified’s note. This episode very much needed to show viewers a model of the completed joint at some key moments, including before the layout begins.

      Thanks, as always, Paul, for years of wonderful content.

    2. I’m not entirely sure, but I suspect it is very similar to the joint Paul used on the Shaker Stool project back in 2015. There is a drawing on the intro page which give details of the joint he used then. This one may prove to be different.

      1. Mmm, having watched the video a second time, I realise Paul says this is a new joint to him – so not like the one in the Shaker Stool. This is precisely where the delay in producing drawings (now over 1 year behind) affects subscribers. With the drawings it would be much easier to follow what Paul is trying to impart.

  2. I agree it would be very helpful to have a preview of the completed joint to help clarify where Paul’s going with the layout.

    It appears to me that he’s creating a housing dado and at both ends—the two inch sections—are sliding dovetails that provide the mechanical locking Paul refers to in the beginning.

    1. Yes, a sliding dovetail at both ends. What I can’t get my mind round is how the central section of the dado mortice (i.e. the bit still to cut) will enter past the front dovetail as the latter is narrower than the mortice which takes up the full width of the rebate. However, as Paul has clearly finished the project and it has all worked out, I can only sit back and wait for the magic to unfold. A drawing would be so much help to this mere mortal. Very happy to be put right!

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