1. It used to be the case that plans were available when (or soon after) the first episode of a project goes live. Unfortunately WWMC are now running nearly a year behind with plans. I have queried this situation with them but they are unable to give any indication as to when the plans will become available. I think this is particularly unfair on new members who will have signed up in the full expectation of plans being available as per the WWMC website.

  1. Thanks Barry. I wanted to do this project first but may as well jump off the deep end and I’m going for the rocking chair since I see I can get those plans. Too bad he can’t find some local drafting students to draft up his notes in pencil and he could make corrections and get final copies in ink cheaply and more quickly. I know I would have loved to have done that years ago while in school.

    1. Good idea to farm out the drawings. I’ve suggested it before and I understand WWMC have tried to find someone to do it but have not yet found anyone. As you say there must be someone out there willing to do it – or at least have a go.

  2. A couple things:
    Why didn’t Paul just make the whole joint a sliding dovetail?
    On one of his other projects Paul showed us how to use a short piece of 2×4 with one side cut to a 1 to 7 angle as a guide for chiseling a sliding dovetail. I found that very helpful.

    1. The previous project was the Shaker Stool and the length of the sliding dovetail was relatively short. Even so, the friction on the joint was considerable and it was nerve-wracking knocking it in and not knowing if it would jam and I’d not get it back out. On this piece the length is even longer and personally I wouldn’t fancy driving it home – although Paul could probably do it.

    2. I asked Paul and his reply is below:

      Even after 6 decades of full time Woodworking there are still ways of joining wood that adds to the diversity of the craft. While it might be a complicated joint, I don’t think it was complicated in the execution and it added another dimension.

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