1. Hi Paul and Team ,
    The Mirror frame looks great . I really enjoyed this project and hope to get started on one in the very near future . Was the finish applied to the frame a Hard Wax oil ? Would shellac and wax have a similar appearance ? regards

  2. Hi Paul, nice mirror frame. Why are the end fibres on the mitre not braking off when you plane straight through?
    I have a very sharp plane and I turn slightly at the end, I still loose the inside corner fibres.

  3. Maybe Paul should make a course on how to make drawings. That would provide people with an additional useful skill. Not only for this site projects but also to help one to make his/her own design.

    Anyway, one should always verify provided drawings (whoever they come from) as an error or a dimension omission is always possible.
    (I remember for example a drawing from Lost Art Press where some dimensions were missing.)

    Most of the time, I adapt the project to my needs and material available. Most of the time dimensions are transfered from one piece to another. As I don’t make built-in, final dimensions are seldom critical.

    1. I read an interesting article, I think it was from Popular Woodworking, by a woodworking teacher, a Brit I think, who made drawing skills a part of every day of his course. He mentioned a book titled ‘Drawing on the right side of the brain’, which I purchased, and which is a reasonable way to learn to sketch. I often found that I was able to present a few sketched elevation drawings relatively easily and quickly (of relatively squareish pieces), but they lacked the sort of feel that helped the customer really see the piece.
      I also started keeping a design book, similar to the ones I see Paul doing, and being able to sketch is very helpful for those. Especially if it is a bowl, or tic-tac-toe board on a live edge piece, or a funky clock design.

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