1. 19 mm (¾” = 19.05 mm) should be perfectly alright with regards to strength. It might be a good idea to reduce the mortice and tenon joints from 3/8″ to 1/4″ (6.35 mm) in width and thickness, respectively; or whatever comes closest.

      1. Don’t know quite where to post this, but….I’m trying to determine the best leg sizing for a 40” W x 78” L x 30” H dining table (in cherry). Top and aprons would be 1” stock. Aprons about 3 1/4” +/- high. Legs would be tapered (shaker style). Anyone know a good way to determine the best leg sizing at apron and then at bottom of the taper? My initial thought is 2 3/4” square at the top, tapering to one-half that at the bottom. Strong enough? Too clunky looking?

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