1. Each time I see a new episode I am more and more amused by the improvements in the quality of filming, directing and soundtracking. You guys are an outstanding Team. Sooner or later watching Paul’s episodes will be like being in a movie theatre !!! Of course with the best woodworker/actor I personally know. And as a cherry on top of the cake, I get to learn how to hand make a rocking chair, a project I am very eager to start doing myself.

    Congratulations Team, I love you all.

  2. Just curious about the amount of time it took between chopping the curve using the saw & chisel vs the bandsaw. Nice to see both methods demonstrated but was there a substantial difference in thine to accomplish?

  3. Thanks Paul. The information you provided on how to clean the surface with the spoke shave was priceless. Recently, I had some pieces where I had cut a gentle curve. I was struggling with the spoke to avoid shudder and especially so on where the curve met the parallel face. You showed lots of useful tips that will definitely help me next time.

  4. Mr Hall,
    I think the band saw is faster but not a whole bunch. A good wide chisel can do a lot of roughing pretty quick, it comes down to skill with either, and with the hand tools , knowledge of grain direction is more important .

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Paul says:

      This is a converted Stanley 78 I use as a scrub plane. The blade is rounded like a scrub plane but this plane has the advantage of a narrow blade and a wide mouth.


  5. I apologize if Paul mentioned this and I missed it but just a word of caution. Make sure you’re marking and cutting the mortises of the top rail on the BOTTOM of the piece. I almost botched this by marking them on the top but caught myself before I started chopping.
    Whew, that was close!
    Hope this helps,

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