1. Hi Paul and Joseph,
    While I do enjoy the introductory part in this episode, with Paul in his home with the furniture, the background music in this part overpowers his dialogue. There are some of us who are handicapped with discriminatory hearing issues when there are multiple sound sources and who were hearing aids for it. But even with aids, if the background music is too loud such as in this episode’s initial minutes, Paul’s words become much harder to understand. So my request, and there are likely other viewers who feel similarly, is to please minimize the background music as compared to Paul’s vocal part .
    Thanks you kindly.
    Michael O’Brien

  2. For the first time ever, when I reached the end of the episode I felt disappointed. The quality of the video is undisputedly good, but there seemed to be so little ground covered in this episode – four saw cuts and a small amount of chopping with a chisel.

    Oh dear, my family are correct, I’m just a grumpy old man!


  3. Paul & Joseph,
    I can only imagine the technical difficulties in the video production and the presentation of Paul’s work. I too sometimes find it difficult to hear everything Paul is saying. Perhaps, a clip-on microphone on the collar would solve this problem. But personally, I am enthralled in the way your present your work. Especially, when Paul and the music become synchronized. Fantastic! This is more than a video to me – you are teaching the fine art of woodworking; methodology, technique and precision, in addition to your observations of how wood respond to your actions. Everything you do has meaning to me and is a lesson to be learned. Thank you! jdo

  4. Same feeling here. The new way of editing make me feel like they are trying to maximize the number of episodes and it’s more and more obvious. Honestly, if I subscribed it was to learn woodworking, not to entertain myself with sophisticated video and music editing.
    It makes me feel sad because I’m thinking to stop for these reasons and not because of Paul who is always as pertinent as before.
    I hope I’m wrong and I’ll see in the next project, but if I feel the same I will cancel.

  5. If you feel you dont get your moneys worth and feel you need an excuse to quit you should do just that.
    Meaning no disrespect,Saying it on an open forum makes you sound like a troll.
    Contact them through the proper channels and voice your opinions and worries. They will answer your concerns personally and then you can make an informed decision.

  6. The dictionary definition of a troll is:

    someone who leaves an intentionally annoying or offensive message on the internet, in order to upset someone or to get attention or cause trouble

    I didn’t see that in silmarils94’s comment. The Paul Sellers I have come to know and respect doesn’t need us to defend him!

  7. Thanks for the feedback everyone.

    We will have a look at the audio levels on this one and see if something needs tweaking.

    This entire rocking chair will be built in 13 episodes. That’s around 7 hours of instruction which we believe is very good value for our viewers.

    As is always the case with building things out of wood, sometimes we have to take some time to lay the groundwork for more action later in the series. I encourage you to take each episode as it comes and enjoy the journey. Some there will be a huge amount of action, other weeks we will need to slow down and do some layout. It will all come together in the end!

  8. Hi Rod. Yes, the added 1/4″ is because Paul later divides the seat into three parts to allow for expansion/contraction. This extra width compensates for the saw kerfs and any clean up.

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