1. My feeling is that it would be much weaker to cut from a solid piece as well as being more expensive unless you happened to get would with the correct bend of grain to match the curve.

  2. We made rockers from solid wood in his intensive class and I believe he shows this in an earlier rocker. He is likely just showing an alternative here. Cutting from solid wood requires thick, wide material and, in my experience, it is hard to get parts out of the waste because of the odd shape. On the other hand, you can use stop cuts and other methods to work with solid wood, while laminating requires a way to get the thin strips, which likely means a bandsaw.

  3. Thanks Ed,
    I had forgotten about the other rocking chair project. That helps. I reviewed that one and I am sure I can apply that to this one.
    Thanks again,

  4. there is a way to make arched boards without loosing much material
    google “Handhyvlade svängda profiler – ett gästhantverkarprojekt”
    It is in a Nordic language but the technique is sufficiently demonstrated.
    Look at the video from about 12’58”.

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