1. Curious. At the 5:00 minute mark, it appears the board is straight off the bandsaw. Am I seeing that correctly?
    I only ask because if I did that, the edge would not necessarily be parallel to the other side.

  2. Thanks Paul for the comment regarding a pencil to transfer the tails vs. a knife gave a better fit. I have been using a knife rather than a pencil thinking it was superior. Based on your comment, I will have to give the pencil a try as my biggest challenge is the pins and tails are too tight.

    1. I now use a knife to transfer, then run a pencil or pen through the knife mark. When I saw, I leave the drawn line. My accuracy has gone way up to near perfect off the saw. At least that what works for me in soft wood like pine or fir.

  3. Paul, in this video you used your gentleman’s saw to cut the dovetails rather than the dovetail saw. What makes you choose one vs. the other. I have both and really haven’t experimented much with one vs. the other. Curious what drives your decision. Many thanks.

  4. Hi Paul – at 11.11 where you are marking out for the pins, the dovetails are sitting out over the edge rather than being flush like you usually do. Was there some particular reason for this – have I missed something obvious?

  5. Hi Paul- watching this, especially episode number two, I’m wondering how you feel about the Moxon vise? It not only holds the work more securely when cutting tails and pins than a quick release vise, but it would correct the cupping issues without jumping through hoops. It’s also easy and inexpensive to build and easily stored out of the way when not in use. Have you ever used a Moxon vise in your career? Thanks for any feedback you might have.

  6. Thanks for that glue up method. Do you ever find that when you are pounding one side down the other side closes before you’re ready? I imagine myself then trying to open it and messing with the side I’ve just closed and going back and forth like Laurel and Hardy.

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