1. Thanks Paul. For me, it is much more helpful to watch you go through the diagnosis to get your dovetails to fit. Most of the time, mine are too tight. More often than not, I don’t pare enough and end up with some splitting. Seeing what you went through on this was quite helpful.

  2. When there are that many dovetails and it is that difficult to assemble dry, I have to wonder whether glue will lubricate and help or cause swelling and big problems.

  3. I made a large hickory chest and used a similar dovetail method for the joinery. The problem I ran into was that the panels warped a bit after I had already cut the dovetails. I was able to use clamps with a beam to force the panels flat and then fit the joints together, but it was quite a challenge at glue up time!
    The glue up went fairly well, but it was a bit dicey getting everything done before the glue set.

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