1. Roman Marak

    Hi Paul, Based on the coloration and from what I could discern off my laptop screen there appears to be some similarity with Teak. Other than the high silica content is there a similarity between Mesquite and Teak.

    Thanks again,

  2. Paul,

    Have you tried breaking the narrow cuts that you made for the legs joining, instead of chiseling them out from the side?

    I noticed that I get a much quicker results by doing this when I use a slightly thicker kerfed saw—this way I get enough gap for a chisel to create a wedge action to break off the cut pieces.


  3. Paul, for the mesquite wood (which you can’t really get more of where you live) it makes perfect sense to keep in mind the offcuts being viable for other future projects. For wood you can replace, do you focus on getting the best pieces for the current project at hand and not worry about the offcuts? I am going to be making a shaker table soon and was able to get some really nice curly cherry for the top. It’s nice wood but I can relatively easily get more. Inclined to focus of getting the best wood for the current project and just finding uses for the offcuts down the road. Would appreciate your general thoughts on the matter. Thanks.

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