1. As usual, this was really great viewing, Paul. I don’t have a need for a TV stand, so I won’t be making this one, but there were so, so, many useful bits throughout the series that I WILL be using in other pieces I’m designing. The techniques from the curved drawer fronts were worth the price of admission all on their own. Many thanks.

  2. I have the same question at the conclusion of every piece…Why do I feel the same satisfaction at watching Paul finish a pice as I feel when I finish a piece of my own? Absolutely marvelous build Mr Sellers!

  3. It’s amazing and very rewarding to see Paul working!
    In this kind of project which has “built in” drawers that are snug with a tight fit (The Laptop Desk was another one, I think), how does Paul addresses the expansion and contraction of the wood? Because, since they are so tight, he doesn’t leave any room for wood movement, right?
    By the way, will there be any, since the drawers have a dovetail joint?

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