1. Mr. Paul Sellers and the rest of the productions team
    WOW, Fantastic job. You have everything in this project. Your techniques are out standing, the project really looks great. Very well done and fabulous to admire.
    Take care and best wishes to everyone involved.
    Your friend from Canada. Dennis

  2. Hi Paul & WWMC team, excellent series.
    I have the same habit of tapping the drawer bottoms once I’ve delt with the rattle. I always thought it was because I’m a drummer, but I guess it’s a natural woodworker’s instinct.
    Take care everyone, looking forward to the next piece.

  3. Sorry about my possibly vague post, I went back and checked and it was episode 9 at 2 minutes and 20 seconds where Mr Sellers says the bottom shelf is slightly sagging. I have been looking forward to seeing how that would be addressed. Many thanks.

    1. I asked Paul and his reply is below:

      It’s not actually a sag, just my injudicious choice of board positioning and then too the choice of word. Usually, if a board is crowned we put the crown uppermost so that weight added through storage, etc will be countered by the crowned panel.

  4. It would be great if Paul could do a blog etc to summarize this thoughts on the hard-wax oils. I haven’t used them because it didn’t seem like there would be much difference in a hard-wax oil vs linseed/tung oil with a top coat of paste wax.

    I never would have tried shellac without seeing Paul use it so much and it’s been a great finish for me.

    Thanks for all you all do.

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