1. Thanks Paul. Your comment about how you try and get all the pieces the same but then being realistic about variances and not spending hours to get them perfectly the same was very helpful. Learning virtually, sorting these details out of what is and isn’t done is the hardest part. I had reached the same conclusion in that if something is a bit different, in many cases, it doesn’t matter. However, having a real craftsman confirm this is very helpful. I keep reminding myself that in all of my life looking at antiques and having them in my grandparents home, I have never ever once pulled out a ruler or square to check things. If it looks good to the eye, then it is good. As such, I do my best in the moment and move forward so things actually get built.

  2. Mr. Paul Sellers and the rest of the production team
    Very nice, clean fit. Organization is very important in this project. One procedure after another……PERFECT……LOL
    Your friend from Canada. Dennis

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