1. Paul ………. Every project we learn more than ( 1 ) way to accomplish a operation, this is great. The fact you don’t have to use power tools is idea especially for me to make this project.

    I am a big fan of Shaker furniture and plan on giving this a try as well, after my Daughter and Son see this they will want one I am sure LOL.

    Thanks for this !


  2. I don’t think I’ll be making this one right away, but even so, I enjoyed this video immensely. Had to stop myself from going on eBay to buy an axe and draw knife just to have fun making spindles. So many educators get stuck in teaching you things their way, which is the “only” way and the “right” way. So refreshing to have you show no less than four different ways to accomplish the same task on a single bench leg and not preach that any one is “correct”. Thanks again, Paul.

  3. As always with you Paul, learning more and more small tricks and different ways to get the end results that we want. Thanks for what you do. I’m getting pretty close to selling my table saw, jointer, and planner. Don’t think I will never get rid of my bandsaw though. LOL.

  4. I love this project, its great for training us in hand tool self reliance.
    Many hours of machine set up and test cuts are no longer an issue.
    Plus it is great exercise for all areas of wood working as well as upper body workout.
    I have so wanted to make good use of my draw knife that I bought on a whim at a garage sale for $2 and now I have the perfect project to hone that skill on.
    The bench will be perfect by my front door.
    Thanks again Paul for leading us on a path of self reliance with hand tools for shaping.

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