1. Paul, I love that you radiate such excitement about this piece of furniture and the techniques involved in creating it!

    This will be a very interesting project for all of your online apprentices around the world.

    My highest regards

  2. Great introduction! It’s great that you’ve already finished the piece so can show what’s effectively a trailer for the series, instead of a brief intro.

    Looking forward to the series. Think we’re going to be very grateful for the spokeshave sharpening jig!


  3. I’m looking to build this piece with you so I would like to buy the lumber beforehand. Can you suggest which lumber would suit the bench, particularly for the spindles? Would you use green wood for the spindles for example?

  4. I’ve been looking forward to this project ever since Paul announced it, but after seeing the preview, I’m really excited! The techniques we’ll learn will be a gateway to a lot of things I’ve wanted to do but thought I needed machines to do. Should have known Paul would have the answer. Like we say out here “start the ball Tector”.


  5. Can I repeat ALL of the above comments in one, just what I need for my collection of spokeshaves.
    Not just a chair but a tutorial for a collection of techniques and advice that can be used with a lovely versatile material found all around us

    I will be using pitch pine for the spindles and legs, from a couple of 1930 panel doors and mahogany..ex shelving….all from skips.

    Roll on next Wednesday……………Thank you Paul. John

  6. I don’t get a chance to build everything, or even work every weekend, but I learn something every Wednesday. Sure looking forward to this. I can see a set of kitchen chairs in there already. Thanks!

    1. @ekutan I was looking for the same thing. It has really helped me to see different approaches. The Lost Art Press staked chair would be a good starting point. Add in the design elements from this project and it may be what you are looking for. I don’t think would qualify as shaker but, it may be what you are looking for.

  7. Hello, are the dimensionsof all’ the components written or told somewhere by Paul ? I do not seem to have seen or heard them. I would not want that my English, I am Italian, made me miss something.

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