1. Paul this will be hard to beat but I know you will.
    Having grown up in the midatlantic area I have seen Shaker style furniture all my life . This bench keeps to the style and strength Shakers where known for. Iam betting you will see a lot of builds from this design in years to come.

    Thnk You

  2. Such a wonderful work! There has, until now, never been a single episode without this great moment of surprisingly simple and ingenious ways to make work a pleasure.
    Today it was for me the 82° angle finding.
    Just Awesome ! Thanks a lot Paul!

  3. I’m at the minute 17 area and it seems a perfect place to ask for recommendations on rasps & files.
    I have rescued from garage sale rust buckets a couple of files, one flat and the other half-round, that I use on a desperation basis, because I’ve not been able to decide what a good 2 or 3 piece rasp/file “set” should consist of.
    Is it possible in your opinion to reduce the hundreds of choices available to such a small “beginner’s” list?

    By the way, if I were to choose but one word to describe the WW Masterclasses it would be awesome.


    1. Jack,

      I recall from blogs past that Paul acquired a few AURIOU hand stitched woodworking rasps, and I believe that’s the rasp he’s using. They’re beautiful, hand made (and expensive). I’d love to have a few my self, but until the budget allows, it’s not hard to find some basic, less expensive rasps online, at Woodcraft or Highland, or other places. I’ve used a cheapo set of rasps from Harbor Frieght which are super aggressive, so they only work for very rough work. But the Harbor Frieght files do a fair job of cleaning up the rough work. Ultimately you’ll get what you pay for, but if you’re not using these tools everyday, the cheap rasps/files can get the job done. Hope that helps.

  4. The bench build is great, but the teaching and lessons learned are priceless. Paul, in my opinion, you are one of the best teachers I have ever encountered. I appreciate watching you actually do the things you talk about, no smoke and mirrors here. As we say here in the US, you are the real McCoy, and I appreciate that. Keep up the good work.


    1. You could make it from two laminated pieces but that would take out the exercise and purpose of including it in the make. Choice is yours. None of what I did was difficult and i found it more rewarding knowing the skill was used.

  5. If I had designed this bench myself I would be worried as to whether the back braces are strong enough. After all the support is only 1/4″ at its thinnest point.

    But I am happy to assume Paul knows what he is doing. A great project!

    John B

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