1. It appears Paul is putting all half-laps on the same side on the vertical and horizontal members — the cross members have it all on front face and verticals have it all on the back face (time 33:25 to 33:40). Traditional shoji designs I have seen use alternating half-lap notches on vertical members and a group of half on one side and the rest on the other for horizontal ones. As in Toshio Odate’s “Making Shoji”, for example.

    I had understood this to assist in keeping the kumiko frame planar. Is this less of a concern because Paul’s lattice members are as wide as the frame material (or should I say as deep) unlike the narrower kumiko strips used in traditional designs? Like 5/8″ strips as opposed to 1 9/32″ wide ones used here.

    1. Hi,
      Paul says:

      I was careful to consider this and felt that it was unnecessary in this case. I wasn’t really trying to achieve an authentic replication of a Kumiko in any way ie, woven effect. It has stayed perfectly flat without any issue.

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