1. Good evening,
    What species of wood you recommand for this project ?
    More generally when you present a project could you tell the species you recommand, I have (in France) some difficulties to find wood, most easiest I can find are pine, beech, oak, sometimes ash.

    Thanks and Best Regards

  2. Thanks Paul.

    I have been wanting to build a spice rack for the kitchen. The sliding dovetails will be a nice new skill to learn. I’ve got some large book cases I am planning to start building in 2021. Since books are heaving I wanted to use sliding dovetails to help the shelves. This project will be a good warm up.

    1. Hi Sandy,

      Paul says:
      Yes, just a choice because sometimes if something is too big for the shelf, I don’t mind if it overhangs an inch or so and I wouldn’t like to not have something overhang just because of a rail.

      Kind Regards,

  3. A fantastic project for my mother in law. I have a couple of cherry off its ideal for this. Looking forward to this project! Sliding dovetails are something of a scary thing for me.

    One thing I have noticed is that the cutting list doesn’t include the backing boards.

  4. I know Paul has done sliding dovetails in at least a couple of projects (I’m thinking three) but I don’t recall seeing tapered sliding dovetails until now, this should be a real treat, thank you, looking forward to it!

  5. Hi @msieweke,

    Thanks for pointing that out. I am not sure how that happened! The correct conversion for 26 1/4″ is 667mm and the measurement that is currently at 9 3/8″ should be 24 7/8” (632mm).

    We will get the drawing corrected shortly.



  6. Kia ora team Seller,
    A design question, if I may?
    I feel confident there is nothing ‘random’ about this, or any of your beautiful projects. 🙂
    Looking at the “wedged tenons” on the sides of the shelves:

    Why having the top of the tenon flush with top of the shelf, and the angle all at the bottom of the tenon? Why not the other way around?

    I imagine the forces may be negligible once all seated and tied in together but, in principle I would extrapolate that the chosen design would “motivate” the shelf to want to slide backwards with weight and time (?) …while, a flush bottom of the tenon wouldn’t “want to slide” neither to front nor back of the shelf.

    …I bet I’m overthinking it 😝
    Though… I’ve learned there seems to be no end to little idiosyncrasies of value in this here forum, so I might as well venture to ask.

    Best regards,

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