1. Just a small comment on your methods, Paul & co.: Your little ‘asides’ which at one point you casually dismiss as “tricks of the trade,” are pure gold for me, Paul, and are 95% of why I watch, and study, all you all’s videos. Case in point: the power of your knife wall technique was only driven home to me after I adopted it, from relying on my pencil for marking out, discovering that, sure enough, it was MUCH more accurate than the pencil lines, even though I’d gone to the trouble of acquiring the finest pencil (a mechanical .05 mm lead) that I could acquire. That, on top of what I’d already known, but had been mis-trained in following, for years, that for true accuracy one should build parts based on the other parts, should do me in good stead when I am able to build this project for real (currently don’t have a shop to work in, but I have faith that I will in the near future). Thank you, thank you thank you, for passing on the ‘tricks of the trade’, from all of us who were not so lucky as to have anyone knowledgeable and willing to pass such ‘tricks’ on to us poor, unwashed ‘heathens’, out struggling in the ignorant wilderness. Will concentrate on acquiring, for real, most of your tricks, in spite of my decades of mis-training in American cabinet shops.

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