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  1. Hi Paul, I had a query on episode three which did not get a response, so I would like to have another go. It’s on exactly where you make the saw cuts for the pins. Unfortunately, despite Phils excellent video, we could not see exactly where you are making the cuts as the knife cut did not show up and your pen lines were away from the camera. Early on you say you could cut 2mm away from the line. Then when you cut the first pin, you say ‘ I drop my saw right on the knife line – no margin for error – right on the line’. Later you say to cut to the waste side of the line. I would be grateful if you could clarify this as this would be really helpful to me. You took four attempts to fit the tails to the pins and admitted it was ‘tricky’. For me that would be 10 to 20 attempts!
    PS. Where is your book? It was on my Christmas list, but now I have had to ask for a book by Krenov, a poor substitute.

  2. I am learning so much with every project and episode you make, I will probably use pine as this is what is readily availble to me. Thanks for all of the tips and tricks you use. As I have mentioned I really don’t need another cabinet but want to make this one.

    Thanks again !


  3. Hi Paul. Early in Episode 4 you show where a board bowed while sitting overnight. I guess in the best of situations, we’d be able to cut the joinery, get everything fitted and glued up, and apply finish in one glorious woodworking session. Oh well. It’s a nice thought, right? LOL Anyway, on the topic of storing work pieces overnight … What would be the pros and cons for assembling the pieces and leaving them that way overnight? Would the joinery reduce or eliminate wood movement even though the joints are not glued? On the other hand, would overnight compression inside the joints cause them to loosen up?
    I’d like to know your thoughts.
    Thank you for all the great work you and your crew are doing!

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