1. That will be a bonus video soon. We have done the filming and editing but we need to slot it in. It’s not really part of the series because not everyone will like the style or want the style. I think you will like it though.

  1. Wow, what an amazing series! I learned so much watching this build. As Paul mentioned, each aspect of box building, panel construction and drawer making will translate to so many other projects. Worth every penny!

  2. Another great video Guy’s, this was an excellent series and learned a great deal. I really like how Paul show’s and presents his way of doing things. I can’t wait until I can start mine here shortly but it will be made out of Borg mystery wood unfortunately.


  3. Again, I should be the one thanking you and all of those behind the scenes friends and family that make this come together every week. Thank you everyone for your wonderful support! I really appreciate you all.

  4. brilliant. thanks for such valuable insights into fine furniture making with what i believe is the wonderful world of hand tools. i never thought it possible to be honest .would love to know what finish will be used and the idea of a cabinet lock sounds great . would a few coats of liberion sanding sealer look well on mahogany? thanks again Wednesdays are becoming my favorite day of the week

  5. I enjoy these videos so much that I’ve promised myself to watch all the free videos on youtube and read all the blog posts since 2011. All the blogs I’ve read so far, convey a love and dedication to the craft of woodworking To have a teacher that, rather than selling tools, wants to propagate the craft is quite a good motivator. It is nice to know that such good work can be accomplished without a bunch of expensive machinery. Thanks Paul and Joseph et.al. for the videos and hard work of demonstrating and teaching your skills. It is WELL worth the $16.20 USD per month for me to observe and then translate those skills. Every dovetail I cut gets better. Thanks again!

    1. Gene,

      That’s a good point really… These professional productions of Paul’s work and methods was a value at $15 for 4-5 30 minute videos a month. Doesn’t bother me a whit to spend that $15….

      Somewhere along the line, the video length went to an hour, and, in this case, two hours. While I’m thankful, there’s a part of me that worries that it might not be sustainable…. We were getting an amazing value for our money with weekly lessons from a Master Craftsman – it is something that did not, and DOES NOT, exist anywhere else.

      I’m not sure how to say this without ticking off the group – but, Paul and Joseph, keep reviewing your business model. I’d kick in another few bucks a month to keep this thing going….

      /ducks for cover

      (No personal or professional relationship to the Sellers. Just a poor Soldier stationed in Germany…)

      1. Yes, please reduce the length of the videos or charge more. The current value (bang for the buck) is totally unacceptable.


        In all seriousness, I think the current mix is great. Some of the videos are short, and some long. If they were all kept to 30 minutes, either the projects would never end, or they would be small projects.

        $15 or so a month hits the sweet spot for me. Much more and there would be hesitancy on my part. At least the current dollar proposition had an affect on me deciding to join.

  6. There is no way for me to describe to how much this videos mean to me. Not only the educational aspect but also the quality and character of your work Paul. Each video gives me a feeling of contentment. I was watching this when I noticed on your aluminum clamps that it looked liked you had a piece of wood fitted in the inside of the clamp. If you mentioned this before I’m sorry I missed it, but could you address that again.? My thanks to the whole crew for a job well done!

  7. I’d love to hear a lot more on finishing. Including ways to finish my pine chest. I didn’t use the most pristine wood, but is’t smooth and sound. I think you often paint them. Would like to hear what you have to say about milk paint, which might make it appear old timey from the start. Thanks for a project with so many different aspects and skills.

    1. Hi Eric,
      We are hoping to address finishing at some level, fairly soon. It’s such a huge topic, with so many different techniques, but hopefully we can do some form of introduction for those just starting out not too far along the line. I know I would find that very helpful (-:

      1. that would be great Phil .a badly applied can make a well made project look pretty bad .spent the last 15 weeks making the tool chest and was really hoping that episode 17 would go through this ;however i think i will play safe and go with shellac and wax

        1. ALso, there is nothing wrong with applying a coat or two of sanding sealer to ‘hold’ the surface until a final decision is made. It can be used under any finish anyway and I use it regardless of finish to prep the surface for finishing.

  8. I have not enough words to thank you the generosity of his teaching method. I learn so much, and not only about woodworking, also much about personality, temperament, perseverance, and a lot of positive actitudes. Thanks for all.

    By the way, I recommended to my psychiatrist to subscribe to your master classes to decrease his stress level but he don’t understand me, so I suggested him to read the book “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach πŸ˜‰

    With love and gratitude,


  9. Great video and great project. I can’t wait to start mine.

    I’m surprised that you fitted the drawers so tightly, @paul-sellers. Everything I’ve read says to leave gap so expansion doesn’t freeze the drawer. With the friction-fitted lid on the chisel box (I think that’s the video I got that from), you suggest give the box a few days to settle and verify the fit and adjust if needed. On this video you only mentioned it as a possibility, but gave no guidance should it actually happen. Just curious…


    1. We do cover that I think and I did mention it during filming. I assume it wasn’t edited out by mistake. Just keep your eye on it as the chest acclimates to its final surrounding s and ease as necessary.

  10. Paul and friends. This has been a great series. I am a journeyman cabinet maker, but I left the trade, and sold all my tools 25 years ago, to pursue a career in IT. I am now returning to woodwork and your videos are incredibly helpful in getting my head and hands back in the game. It would have taken me at least a year at the bench to get myself reoriented and back in the groove with what Paul has shown in this and the earlier series.

    I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful resource. The work you’re doing is so incredibly important to the preservation of skills that would otherwise be lost forever.


  11. Great tips on fitting up the drawers and overall alignment of the front face edges. Thank you again for leading us by doing all the little things that make the difference between ordinary and fine finish.
    Brass screws can be finicky, I have found by running in a steel screw the same size as a tap, will help too.
    Great Project video as always.

  12. Great project. Got lots of really great tips here. You pulled together a really solid project from some very difficult lumber. I think about a 1/3 of the into this thing I would have pitched that lot of mohagany and started over. You’re either really frugal or a serious trooper.
    Thanks again for the insights.

  13. i just finished making the tool chest, it came out very nice thanks to pauls video guidance. the only complaint is that the top compartment is too shallow for my planes. i’ll have to figure out how to make the next one 1/2 inch taller (dovetail spacing, etc). any one else have this issue with their build?

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