1. Whoa!!!
    I feel like Rip Van Winkle, The last part was installing the hinges and now we’ve time warped past the half blind dovetails into half finished drawers.
    Did I miss Episode 13a ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Exelent lesson!

    Simple and clever method to upgrade the tool box drawers.

    I’m the only one who missed the episode of half blind dovetails?

    Best regards from Girona, Catalonia


  3. Hmmm…. I was looking forward to how Paul marks and pares his half-blind dovetails. Will that joint will be covered in a core technique video?

    Paul does mention the dovetail spacings, and also covers the way he marked the length for the drawer sides. To me, it seems as if this omission is intentional.

    1. It’s just a guess Scott, but I’m thinking this is simply a sequencing mistake, accidentally skipping over an episode, I have every trust that they’ll get the dovetail episode published.

  4. excellent lesson ,but like the rest, am disappointing .i have all my pieces ready but kind of feel confused as how to approach it now ,i am presuming there is rails to be fitted also for top drawer also ,yep could of done with this episode next week

  5. I haven’t found my fence slips on my Veritas plough(!) plane, but I did make an auxiliary fence to widen the registration area. The depth stop, on the other hand, does slip from time to time, so I have to be careful of that.

  6. Ok, you guys have rightly pointed out that there seems to be some material missing. We looked into it and we have indeed got our episodes mixed up. This episode should be 15. Sorry.

    The good news? We are going to work to get the real episode 14 up in the next couple of days and we will back on track with episode 16 next Wednesday. Yep, you guys will get an extra episode out of this mistake.

    Thanks for your patience.

    1. I checked with the Dalek that lives in my workshop and he claims that this is indeed a devious ploy by the Daleks designed to confuse us all. I have chucked a blanket over him as a punishment and he has promised not to interfere with the woodworking master classes systems again.

      On a more on topic note it was nice (in a good way) to see that even Paul can have a saw catch and slip on him. It was a great reminder to not stop or give up just because things aren’t going 100% smoothly. I think this is what I like about Paul’s videos most of all; they aren’t sanitised by editing. You see the entire work process just as it happened.

  7. What a treat two episodes in a few days. I wish the calmness Paul has in working will someday come to me. Each episode looks so simple until I transfer the method to my bench, I need to take the irritation I feel when it doesn’t go as easily and make it curiosity. I think if I calm down a little it won’t be so hard to do. I smile each time I watch a session. Thanks guys,

  8. I am a Day late to the party, even though I enjoyed this episode immensely, I was wondering what happen to the blind Dove Tail’s as well. I love Pau’s signature drawer build with the mortice and tenon joint, I am sure it is very strong.

    Thanks Paul and crew for yet another superior video, I am learning so much, and love these little tricks of the “Master”, yes Paul you have earned that Title in my Book.


  9. Plough planning the groove through the Dovetail seems counter productive to me, surely it weakens the joint and if a through Dovetail we need to make a plug. Should we not move the dovetail up a few mm to avoid the groove?

    1. @werewolf2o – In my opinion moving the dovetail, even a few mm, would throw off the proportionality of the dovetails aesthetically. Regarding the strength of the joint, I don’t think a 4-5mm deep grove compromises the integrity of the joint in such a shallow drawer that won’t be under much stress because there can’t be much weight in a space that narrow. I’m no master joiner or structural engineer but in my experience this seems to be the case. Cheers.

  10. The veritas fences do have a tendency to slip however I found a solution To slipping fence on instagram โ€œberncarpenter โ€œ Bernard Billsberry. makes a leather wrench so you can tighten the lock nuts down and not have to worry about damage to your tool or loosing accuracy of the tool. I have one and it works wonders. I am not associated with him in any way I just found a solution to s problem that veritas has never addressed and obviously so have others so much as they made a tool to help the tool perform to its full potential.

  11. I’m building the tool chest and just finished one of the drawers. I somehow introduced slight twist into the drawer. It slides in nicely, is tight, looks great etc, but the twist means the right side rises up slightly and when the drawer is fully seated, the back right corner is elevated. If I plane the twist out of it the drawer, I won’t have the clean, tight fit I have right now. If I install a drawer runner above that side that prohibits the right side from rising up as the drawer slides in, I’m worried it will bind things up and the drawer will be very tight. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    1. @DANINDENVER , Does the twist depend upon whether its bottom is installed? Sometimes the bottom can pull the drawer out-of-square and that then translates into twist. Try things with and without the bottom. It’s a bit of a longshot, but worth a look.

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