1. Great Video as usual,
    I always struggle with identification of the parts , it all seems so clear till you take it apart and then try to put it back together , there must be a totally foolproof system.

          1. Well, I already have a pencil handy all the time. Never see the point in adding another tool when the one I have in my hand does the job.
            And I’ve never had any trouble removing it.
            To each his own.

        1. Yes and no. I would not be happy with a joint that I did not have to apply pressure to fit together. Actually it is probably the opposite of what you think. On hard woods it is important to fit the joint exactly. You won’t get away with slightly wide tails on the denser woods. On pine however, you can get away with a tiny amount of extra wood, in hundredths if not thousandths of an inch.

          Softwoods tend to absorb moisture faster which is why Paul gives the warning in the above video. Making the joint slightly looser wouldn’t make much different.

          Having said all of the above I would encourage you not to worry about it too much. Make some smaller joints first if possible and try it out. You will work it out 🙂

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