1. Paul, you talked about lubricating the hinge screws with furniture wax. That works of course, but as an alternative I like to take a (new) toilet bowl wax ring and stuff some of it into an empty deodorant dispenser. That wax is quite sticky and never hardens so just pop off the cap and dip your screw into the wax and replace the lid. One deodorant container of wax is enough to last most people a lifetime.


  2. Excellent and informative as always Paul, could you please ask Joseph or one of your wonderful staff if they could resend episode 4 as I accidentally deleted it and being a complete technophobe I have no idea how to retrieve it, thanks. Received your wonderful book the week before Christmas and it’s a joy. Regards Jim

  3. The latter part, when the music is playing without commentary, is simply mesmerizing. Reminds me of my childhood, when I was home sick from school. I’d watch Captain Kangaroo. Such a peaceful feeling.

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