1. Eddy, not sure if you ever solved this or not, but I am working on a scaled down version, and I have swapped the pins and tails around on the apron, which allows me to break the table down in to sub-assemblies. The trestle ends are done with a wedged tenon in my case.

  1. Paul, did I miss it ? How did you bore the draw bore holes and the square holes I would like to see how you made the square pegs also. The table is beautiful I really enjoy watching the videos.

  2. Hey Paul great vid!
    I know people said that they find some of the stuff you say is repetitive but you are just trying to teach people a system that you have developed over the years for people to follow and let us enjoy the true wonders of woodworking! Btw what combination square is good to buy if you are on a budget? Thanks again

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