1. Thank you Paul. I’ve learned more in watching your DVD’s and online videos than I’ve ever learned before. I’m glad you are sharing your knowledge about the old ways before they are lost for good. Well done.

    1. Paul, almost always uses a well tuned #4 Stanley type of plane for most soothing work particularly with much of the smoothing and edge preparation work on the wall clock. If you follow Paul’s woodworking guidelines, as I do, then the #4 Stanley or Record or similar plane is one of your fundamental tools for joinery work. Keep it well tuned and sharp!

  2. I must have sight issues because to me it seemed that the raised panel ended up inside the clock… Doesn’t really matter at this stage though…
    Can anyone recommend a good clock with mechanical movements and possibly a nice mechanical chime? Ideally I’d like to buy from within the EU and I was hoping that in the UK someone was selling a nice clock with a nice bell chime. Any recommendations from the British woodworkers in this forum?

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