1. One thing I do when working with small pieces is clamp the plane in the vise and slide the wood across it like a kitchen mandolin. You still have to watch your finger tips, but I feel like I have more control then planing in the air.

    1. Thanks John. Someone said to me when I was 15 that “You are just starting out as an indentured apprentice, but when you’ve been doing this for fifty years as I have, you’ll realise you don’t know now’t about woodworking.” I am realising that now in my 49th year of working wood. But, I do feel a confidence now that I didn’t have say five years ago.

  2. Paul,

    Many thanks for sharing this Masterclass project with us free of charge. Many people offer free videos and blogs but only a few of them can offer contents that anywhere close to yours. Others keep their contents “secret”, that is until you pay to watch. You have been very generous with releasing some of your paid contents. Kudos to you and your team.


  3. Paul, thanks for the great series of the Wall Clock. The easy on the ear instructions and the insights to woodwork without machines is excellent. Appreciate you passing on your knowledge.
    Best regards from the land of Oz

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