1. I like this joint in that it gives the appearance, after joined, that it wouldn’t appear very strong with the visible V that you see, yet in reality it’s a very strong joint with the mortise / tenon within.

    Just wondering if you didn’t have a very narrow chisel to clean out the bottom of the V if using the router plane may have been an alternative option. Maybe more confidence both sides were exactly the same depth as well. I know I don’t have a chisel that narrow which is why I started thinking of how I might approach that joint with the tools I have.

    1. Hi Bill,

      Paul says:

      The chisel I used is 3 times smaller than the router plane so i’m not sure how to router plane would fit. It really wasn’t an issue. You could refile an awl if it’s an issue.

      Kind Regards,

      1. Dear Ms. Berger,
        Running the clear risk of being declared “an insufferable know-it-all”, I dare to point out that there is a 2 mm (≈5/64″) wide blade for Veritas big and medium routers planes. Assuming that Mr. P. Sellers refers to the archetypical 1/4″ wide router blade, then the chisel he uses would be 1/12″ (5/60″), thus marginally above 2 mm.

        Another post by me shows, in a primitive manner, a guide that would allow to saw close to the mitre lines, after which the guide also could be of value in pairing the mitres down to the lines.


  2. A first for me – watching Paul actually struggle like I do with too many joints. That said, his gaps are trivialize in my life. I’ve not started yet, but now I’m scared to death; this is really a hard joint with twice as many contact points as normal And two the two miter cuts I rarely make. I’m excited but not optimistic.

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