1. Paul, A nice, light looking design. It even feels like it has a little Asian influence. It looks like it take very little wood to make. I am going to look through my wood stack and pick out some pieces of walnut and maybe some hickory for the light wood. May you and your family have a blessed holiday. Richard

    1. It wasn’t actually thought into the design as such but, yes, it does have a look of something perhaps like a pagoda!!!???I think though that that is only because of the upturn retention elements at each end of the bottle and glass bearers.There is nothing in this design that’s copied though.

  2. There have been a few projects that haven’t interested me as far as making the project. I do love watching them though and always pick up s new bit of information from each of them. This one however has me anxious to get it started… Could I convince you to post the first episode today! 🙂

  3. I have some black oak from the last tree my father-in-law cut down at age 85. It fell into his neighbor’s swimming pool. I also have some maple that was removed when power lines were pit in for new constitution. These two woods should look nice together.

  4. Such a beautiful piece.
    It seems like lamination opens a new world for handmade woodworking.
    Every thing is light and curved.
    I do not drink wine but I feel like this project and the new joints will mark a important step in how I can design modern piece with traditional joinery.

    Is there a plan to cover steam bent at some point or do you feel that it is not really suitable for amateur woodworker?

      1. Thank You for your kind answer.

        It is exciting to imagine that there is, already, a lifetime worth of knowledge from the existing video and even more from the ones coming.

        Best regards,

    1. Hi Robert,

      Paul says:
      We do plan to include smaller projects, but we will be designing all of the pieces you might find in a standard home, coffee table, dining table, bookshelves and beds and much more.

      Kind Regards,

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