1. I have to say that with Paul’s knowledge of all things woodworking and Joseph’s production skills, I feel very fortunate to have found the Woodworking Masterclasses production team. I turned 50 last month (Fun Fact: Paul’s been at the workbench longer than I’ve been alive!) and the last time I did anything like this was when I was in school.

    I’ve learned so much already though. I’ve just built two sawhorses and I’ve started on my workbench. From Paul’s pleasant and relaxing teaching manner to Joseph’s lighting and direction, even I can succeed at this.

    To all involved (and that includes the posters on the forum who have been polite, patient, and full of advice for me) I have to say thank you very much, it is greatly appreciated.

  2. Another fantastic and functional video Paul. Thank you! I’ll be finishing my workbench with Danish oil this weekend and adding this feature immediately.

    A couple of questions:
    1: do you apply a finish to the sharpening stone shelves?
    2: would you install these on both ends of the bench, or just the left side? Obviously one doesn’t need two sharpening shelves, but the storage space seems very useful. Or is there a better use for the right hand end, like a tail vice or some other workbench customization?

    Thank you again Paul. Your excellent video series’ are what inspired me to start restoring vintage tools and get into woodworking a year ago.

  3. I love all these customizations. They are all great ideas that can be adapted by each person. Can’t wait to see the workbench drawer and anxious to see how to cut that hole in the apron. Not sure I will have the courage to do it!

  4. Another great video from Paul and the team, thank you. I have been meaning to add this feature to my PS bench for a number of years now, on the right side of course (lefty). Are you going to add a small drawer in the apron next to the vise?

  5. I finished making this today, what a great addition to the bench, it also adds weight into the left hand side make it even more stable, very useful, I honestly don’t know how I’ve gone so long without it.

  6. Being my shop is so limited in floor space I’m continually looking for places to add shelves, hooks and even nails to hang things. The moment I add a new shelf I’m immediately looking for a place to add another since they’re filled up before they’re even built and installed. I’m absolutely positive I’m not alone in this issue.

    1. It’s too bad I’ve never been able to make a shelf that is absolutely dedicated to one particular item or even several items. I’m chronically putting things where they don’t belong. Being past the age of 60 that’s never going to change.

  7. I wonder if grain direction might be a problem here. My workshop does not have constant temperature and humidity.
    Should I have used another construction where those shelves are neither tight nor tightly fixed?

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