1. Mechanics call a socket on a brace a “speed wrench” and have been using them about as long as sockets have been around. They work well on wood with pre-tapped holes, but the going’s a little rough when driving a lag bolt though virgin wood. BTW, J actually prefer using a brace over an electric drill to drive screws, especially in soft wood. You have more control and are less likely to strip the head (or the hole).

    1. They’re certainly similar to those I’ve seen in several catalogs… I was wondering whether Paul would use these or a homebrew solution. I was also wondering if he’d express any opinion on the plates which let a single set of castors be moved between multiple benches; slightly more hassle but it does save a bit of money.

      (I’m never sure whether they are castors or casters. That may be a UK/US question.)

    2. Is the USA, Rockler has a set of casters that I use:
      Rockler Workbench Caster Kit 4 Pack
      Item #: 43501
      You can also get a mounting plate set for them. That way, you only need one set of casters and plate sets for each heavy tool.

  1. Just as Paul posts this video I see that these castors are on backorder (3 weeks) from my usual supplier. What a surprise 🤓
    When available they will be the finishing touch to my bench.

    1. Yes, I have also used the Powertec casters successfully. Not sure about sourcing through Amazon, as I purchased mine directly from the Powertec website (Powertecproducts, items 17000 or 17001).

      Really glad to see Paul provide this video. It would have saved me hours and hours of internet searching way-back-when. I didn’t know these caster kits existed and was looking for how-to-make custom lever designs, etc.

      Even after I bought the kit I was still anxious about how well it would work and didn’t install for months. Am glad I finally did, as it has been incredibly useful providing a whole new world of flexibility, and am glad that Paul is suggesting this approach.

  2. I love the videos Paul and Co.! I never have commented on your videos but would love to request that you do a video on how you sharpen your router bit. The saw sharpening video was a game changer! Thanks for all your hard work.

  3. Great video, thank you Paul! Could you or anyone on the comments advise the brand of these casters? I like the way the levers fold completely up against the leg and out-of-the-way. All the other casters I’ve seen don’t have that feature (including the brands named in the comments).


  4. I wonder if you put a small block behind the lever to leave a gap at the top so that your foot can ‘grab’ it – then you wouldn’t need to bend down to move the levers initially by hand. I guess they wouldn’t fold away flush then…

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