1. I remain a virtual woodworker at present. I anticipate having my workshop up by spring 2019. I look forward then to subscribing. I’m so pleased that Paul Sellers is teaching. I even caught some of your YouTube live “experiment.” Your production values are excellent, especially when Paul keeps his hair brushed!

  2. These workbench customizations are great, the only workspace I have to put my bench is a shed with an incredibly unlevel floor (12×10 concrete slab with large cracks due to settling) and my bench rocks whenever I use it and the floor is so uneven that shims slip out. Any tips from administrators or site community on how you would semi permanently fix this issue (I am a tenant not an owner)

    1. Joshua, a large machine bolt threaded intl a “blind nut” or a similar thread machine nut inset into the bottom of the offending legs will allow micro adjustments. Use as large as possible, 5/8 or larger for the best results. Used commonly for leveling machines, should fix you for your situation and irreversible if you find a level floor somewhere.

    2. If your bench is in the same place every time i would shim the bench then scribe the other legs and cut them to match the floor. It will make your bench a little lower. the second thing is to glue the shims to the leg that rocks.

  3. I enjoy the videos, but unfortunately they progress in a stuttering fashion and frequently the audio is not synchronized with the video. Is this a problem I can fix on my end or is there something you can do?
    I have no problems with You Tube.
    Thanks, JIM

    1. Hello Jim,
      All looks fine this end. Sounds like a streaming problem. Our video provider tends to try and play at higher quality than YouTube. Sometimes manually controlling or lowering the quality of playback helps. Click the gear icon to do this. Otherwise there is also the option to download the video. If you continue to have problems, let us know through the contact tab at the top of the page or the link in the second grey box below. I will delete this message in a week or so to keep the comments project focussed.
      Many thanks, Phil

  4. I might have missed this, but does anyone know what thickness stock Paul is using for this? Obviously the height and length of the boards will be determined by the individual size of bench but how about thickness? It looks to be about 3/4″ but I’d love confirmation.

    As always, I’m loving this series and look forward to each installment.

  5. There is already a drawer making video. Although each video is slightly different and contains its own gems.
    I guess in the workbench drawer, Paul will show how he makes the internal partition.
    The workbench drawer is rather long ( about 55 cm for my workbench and I could only afford a 25 cm wide one in my short bench); it might need some extra tips also.
    I am looking forward to the next episode. I have made the hole in the apron and installed the runners. It needs attention to put them perpendicular to the apron, especially if you don’t have a large square like Paul is using.

      1. You can measure the diagonals of the frame and do it that way also. You could square the frame up outside the box if you like and tack (or superglue) one diagonal brace to it until it’s mounted. Might save a lot of crawling and head bumping.

  6. Occasionally, in between larger, more complicated projects, Paul makes a project that is relatively easy. I think that’s a nice break in between the more lengthy projects. I noticed that on the shelf behind Paul, there was a box with drawers in it that Paul opened to find his dovetail template. Something like that, a box with drawers in it, might be a fun, project. And a useful item to have around the shop.

    1. I was so pleased when I discovered that Paul was going to make the box with drawers in it that I mentioned in the post above. I’m certain my post had nothing to do with it, but it’s exactly what I wanted to see. A nice, smallish project that I’m certain I’ll learn a lot from. Thanks so much to all the people involved.

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