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  1. Another merry XMas from Austria. This was an exciting year and full of interesting projects. Every time I am here I am glad, I stumbled over this site. Referring to today’s themes I can proudly tell You, I did 2 carrying totes, one clock and another 2 boxes. Just as pretty as I am able to, but everytime it is getting better.
    Now I make a sort of occasional table; in the original it is done with electrical saws and routers, but I do it the traditional way I learned from Paul and use handsaw, chisels, planes. You have more feelings for that.
    Oh – nearly forgot – I did some candleholders too. Cut a branch (diameter about 100 mm to 150mm) into about 45 mm slices, make a hole for the candle at the top, THEN make a hole for some decoration along the axis of the slice (I put really small xMas bowls in it, glued on a glittering string, this is glued in a hole I made from the middle of the candle hole). Some finishing and – done.

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