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    Hi all

    I’m currently making a display cabinet which is a modified version of the tool cabinet that Paul and the team showed. I am looking to attach it to a brick wall but the problem is that this cabinet is very very heavy. I’m not entirely sure of what kind of fixing would be appropriate.

    I know for certain that I need some form of wooden frame at the back. Not only for load distribution but also because due to external elements I need the back of the cabinet to protrude from the wall about two inches.

    What would be the best way to go about it?

    My idea was to make a wooden frame, attach it to the wall with those plastic wall plugs and then screw the back of the cabinet into the frame. Would that be strong enough? Having had a look I found there are special screws for bricks which made the choice tougher. Are those stronger than the plugs?


    You can set additional support at the bottom like the one Mr. Sellers introduced not long ago. The series is Wooden Wall Brackets.



    Another option is to use French cleats.

    you can double them for heavy use.
    You can find a video from master Paul on YT or in the techniques section of the masterclasses videos.

    let us know how it went



    I am concerned that the plastic plugs are not adequate for this whether they are holding french cleats, brackets, or 2×4 stringers onto the masonry. I do not do construction and am not advising, but you might want to ask someone who really knows about lag shields, tapcons, “AJs” and, if the wall is hollow, toggle bolts.

    Peter George

    I made a set of shelves for a friend. The wall I had to mount them on was drywall over concrete block. I used a french cleat attached to the wall with Tapcon screws. They were relatively easy to use and seem very strong. They also come in different sizes so if you need more strength you can use bigger screws.

    Peter in
    Biggar SK
    "New York is big, but this is Biggar"


    The plugs will be just fine. I use them everyday to secure heavy storefronts to concrete and brick. Just put one every 12 inches or so apart, and make sure they are in the actual brick, and not the mortar in between. Use a #10 screw and I think you’ll be solid.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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