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    I made a little drawing to illustrate what i think it should be based on the feedback i was given. The guide block and the large drawer/kneehole are actually a little lower than the back rail to make room for a top rail/kicker.



    @ed. At 2.59 or so i indeed see a little post at the left side of the right drawer box at the back. I hadn’t noticed that before.


    Thank you @ed.

    I will analyse the video again with your comments in mind.


    Thanks for your reply.

    The sides run indeed horizontally but it’s a two part construction. The left side is morticed into the large back rail and morticed into a upstanding front rail/style. The lowest drawer divider is dovetailed into that rail. So i could glue or screw the runner to the side. But the side moves up and down while that front rail moves left and right. Does that impose the risk that the runner might end up below or above the divider?


    Here is the link to the video if you’re interested:


    I feel the same way. I would love to see the finishing details.


    Same error here.


    A teacher with great experience in the field.


    Thank you Derek. I used waterbased paint. To be honest, in the pictures it looks better than it actually is.


    Last month I finally finished this project. The build took me about 5 months. My little princess is very happy with it and that’s what matters most.
    The hardest part must have been the paint job. Using multiple colors made things a little more complicated.

    Installing the desk led to other tasks. In the following pictures you see two bookshelves hanging on the wall. These had to be relocated and while drilling new holes in the wall I hit an electricity cable. So another task came along and that was replacing the cable.
    I also had to repair the previous holes I drilled and now I must repaint the wall.

    Anyhow, here are some pictures.


    I have made some progress with the desk. The cabinets are glued now, the compartment in the center is almost ready, the top is cut to size and the edge band is in place with mitered corners.

    I am almost ready to start the build of the drawers. But first I will enjoy a holiday. I will make the drawers like Paul did on the tool chest.




    Thanks. Well I did use an antique saw on the plywood 🙂 I have to buy a new construction saw. There is still a lot to do. The top isn’t cut to length and width yet and it needs an edge band. I have to make drawers, doors, a base skirt and some other details. At least it looks like a desk already 🙂


    The pictures are about 0,5 MB each.


    Can you see them now? I clicked on “insert into content” which might help.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 137 total)