7 comments on “Baby’s Cot: Episode 1

  1. Thanks Paul.

    As I am watching this, I am having troubles seeing the finished piece. For example, where plywood is going. I know in a few episodes or if I watch the series (which I would do if I were making this specific piece) it will all make sense and the second time through I will be able to visualize. I had a similar challenge on the ladder.

    Would it be possible to use the prototype to point out the marking you are doing? For example, one of the mortises is at an angle. I’m not sure why yet. Of course, I can just as easily look at the photo of the piece you have.

    Just a thought from a beginner. It could even just be a still of the piece inserted within the frame. Many thanks. I always fully understand in the end so it’s not that big of an issue for me.

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