Baby’s Cot: Episode 2

Baby's Cot Episode 2 Keyframe

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In this episode, Paul talks you through each step of making the mortise holes for the end frame panels. He shows the methods he uses to plow out the stopped grooves to receive the panelling. The methods used and demonstrated mirror furniture pieces like the larger scale sleigh beds. Aligning the grooves to align with the mortise positioning is an important element in support of the whole framework of the cot and Paul leads you step-by-step to show you exactly how this takes place.

Important: Baby safety is a very important issue and many countries and regions have rules on how to keep babies safe. In building this cot we read through our own country’s guidance on this and we have done our best to interpret it and follow it. However, if you build a cot you should do your own research and make sure you follow the relevant guidance. This guidance changes regularly and differs from one place to another. Please do not follow what we have shown without checking it for yourself. The instruction we give should only be used as a starting point for the construction method. Setup, configuration and measurements of the cot you make should be checked to ensure that they are compliant with the guidance relevant to you.

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  1. Tom Coulthard on 2 January 2019 at 6:05 pm

    When chopping the mortise I notice you’re chisel is wider than your knife marks???!!!!

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