1. Hi Paul when I had glass cut …..a piece of paper was wraped between the glass and jaws of pliers, this helped to reduce risk of glass breaking on the edge……I use this practice when I cut glass.

    Just a note:- when I need a piece of glass for a picture frame I buy a couple of old pictures from my local hospice shop…..for one pound (£)

    Thanks John 2v

  2. Paul, instead of nibbling the glass edge with your pliers, you could have used one of your diamond grit sharpening stones to quickly grind that little nib off. I’ve done a bit of stained glass work too, as one of my hobbies, and diamond grit stones are used to smooth the cut edges of the glass and bring the piece down to final size. There are specialty pliers made too, called groziers (nibbling pliers that do what you did with the linesman’s pliers) and running pliers that will break the glass along the scribed cut line. Neither is very expensive if you wind up doing more than the occasional bit of glass work. This looks like a fun project. I need to replace the cheap plastic cabinet in my bathroom, and I think this would be a nice upgrade.

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