1. Hello @arnold,
      Sorry to hear you’re having trouble playing videos. For future problems with viewing or downloading the video, please contact us through the contacts tab to keep the comments clear. I will delete this comment in a week’s time. Here are some things that might help.

      Letting the video buffer (http://bit.ly/1cdnPJL) before you view it.
      Close other browser tabs and windows. This can make a huge difference.
      Make sure you have either the latest version of Flash (http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/) running on your computer.
      Switch to another browser to see if that helps.
      Watch the video at a lower resolution (you can switch to a lower number on the bottom right-hand side of the video).

      Hopefully that helps with any issues. There is also the option to download videos, which may serve your purposes.
      Best, Phil

  1. I would love to know what screws you generally keep on hand or do you work it out for each project ahead of time? When do you favor which diameter? Do you typically use the brass even in hidden areas? I guess less chance of staining with the brass.

    1. I think Paul used wood screws usually called as “gold” screws in stores.

      If it were Brass screws, Paul would have used paste wax on them and definitely would have driven the screws by hand as brass screws can be quite brittle and break easily.

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