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Bedside Cabinet

Bedside Cabinet: Episode 10

We’re ready to fit the drawer and drawer runners so that it runs smoothly. With that done, Paul shows how to make the rebated turnbutton rails used to attach the top of the cabinet. The door top and bottom of the drawer front are angled to fit the chamfered divider rail, then the side edges are rounded in preparation for hanging and fitting the door.

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Bedside Cabinet: Episode 9

With the drawer dovetailed, some grooves are run in the drawer bottom. Housings are cut for the back of the drawer, then the drawer bottom and back are fitted which is the final step to do before the glue up.

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Bedside Cabinet: Episode 8

The back panel is cut to size. Then it is rebated and fitted into the groove in the sides of the cabinet. Then the drawer crossmember is beveled in preparation for the  glue up. With that drying, the stock for the drawer is prepared before the dovetails are cut.

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