1. Scott- hang in there, a newfangled bench is in the works, with crossgrained wood to boot. With the output of videos and the level of craftsmanship evident in the work, Paul is showing how to go forth in less than perfect conditions.

  1. Getting it right is great BUT over the years I have learnt more and faster by having problems with wood, metal and software.

    Paul I thank you for including the footage.

    I smile when I see the work of the chisel verses the saw when removing large lumps of wood. Back in 1979 my apprenticeship had me removing steel in the same way with chisels. I should have a look to see if I still have my books EITB (Engineering Industry Training Board) We had to learn the “way of the chisels” before moving onto Shapers and milling machines.

    I did find this YT that you may find interesting
    Blacksmithing for Beginners – Understanding Cold Chisels I started it from 7min rewind to see it all.

    In the mid 1980 at my fathers Blacksmiths shop we converted to Plasma cutting for jobs like this.

    The good thing about steel is you can weld a bit back on 😉 with no glue line.

    Many thanks Paul for you training me in the art of wood.

  2. You dont want it to expand to the center when it moves. So the offset tenon lets the movement happen on the outer edge keeping the center joint tighter. I dont believe he glued the centerline. If i remember correctly.

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