1. What is the tooth geometry on the panel saw you used to rip the small parts? I have a problem with a lot of tear out and trying to figure out what type of panel saw to purchase. My 6pi rip is probably too aggressive.

  2. You’ve been waiting 50 years to be able to say, “This is the boring bit”, haven’t you?

    You’d think, with so many hundreds of people watching, one of them would call out, “The snail’s come through!” But no … lazy buggers.

  3. Hey Paul, any particular reason you chose not to use the bullnose configuration on the #78 rather than chopping? Seems like it would have worked on the first panel at least. Do you feel the time/effort to set it up was not worth it?

  4. Hi Paul and team,

    I enjoy the series and the quality of the details in these videos, as usual.
    One thing i love is the backgroung music particularly in the timelapse sequences. Would it be possible to have the references please i.e. author and where I can get the tracks?

    Many thanks

  5. Hi Paul I hope you don’t mind if I post this …but I have asked if you could find the time to teach the use of moulding planes and sticking board (in fact others go at length to chat in video 7)
    I can understand your position, as explained by Phil……..I have searched on Utube and found loads of tuition ….”Chaplin HighChest waist using moulding hollows & rounds by David Boeff furniture maker” USA
    HNT Gordon Australia. And last but not least …Bill Anderson USA.
    As can be seen by the massive increase in cost of these planes on EBay, they are becoming more popular…..buying them is better than money in the bank!

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