My wife thought I was being extravagant when I bought a nice old compass saw on Ebay for $6.00.
    Now that it is sharp I will certainly put it back to work.
    As a old carpenter we used them to shape the odd cut outs for mortised door locks and hardware.
    Yes I could use my old electric sabre saw but I always hated the noise of that machine.
    What’s better than working to tone my barrel as well.
    Love that feeling afterward of getting the job done with a little more quiet effort and good for the soul too.
    Thanks Paul, excellent episode.

  2. Very enjoyable video. I prefer arch work by hand it makes the hole job much more interesting.
    Thank you Paul and team.

    Ps. Did any one else spot the deliberate mistake.

  3. Hi Paul please can I say, with respect, would it not be better to use a sticking board to hold stock on a flat base rather than your clamp idea, especially with a wild grain such as yours. I watched yours dancing around.

    I have asked and would love to see you teach the use of wooden moulding planes.
    After some research, I find a sticking board to be ideal to hold work piece when cutting rebates prior to using a moulding plane.

    Thank you John

    1. Hi John,
      You could definitely give a sticking board a go if you have one. People tend to have clamps around, which is why we recommend them. Glad they have helped with your rebating.
      Best, Phil

      1. Hi Phil ..thanks
        I recently made a matching?? skirting 8″ wide 2pieces joined with tongue and groove planes x 8′-0″ long using wooden rebate plus hollow and rounds. Paul’s clamp was not holding firm hence incomplete rebate
        Sticking board 5″x 11/4″ with 2×1″ underneath held in my two vices ….perfect….but I do also use a piece about 3′ long or whatever I turn round and pick up for smaller stuff.
        I am trying to teach myself how to demistify the lovely old moulding planes…….THATS WHERE PAUL WOULD COME IN SO HANDY..PLEASE…HE has loads but does not use them?
        Thanks again Phil…regards John

          1. Hi Jake. Thanks for that..just watched episode 3 when Paul does use several moulding planes. He does say that there are literally hundreds so I think he does not have the time to give instruction and also most people would not own many. I will have to be satisfied with trawling utube for info. I say again instruction into using a sticking board would be of great help

  4. Hi Paul, Thanks a lot for this enjoyable project – I had a lot of ‘aha!’ moments watching you tackle some of the problems presented in this episode. My question: I just found a beautiful old frame saw on the local flea market for a mere 2 euros. And after watching your video on frame saws I was wondering if it would be worthwhile to fit it with a new blade to cut all those curves that we see in this episode. Would a frame saw work as well for this as the other saws that you used? And if so, what width of blade would you recommend?

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