1. Bandsaw, eh? Not the first project I’ve seen it in (making a wooden plane). Will you be showing how to do that curve without a bandsaw as well (or should I assume basic stop-cuts and spokeshave/scraper work)? Like the project–like that it has moving parts too. Don’t think I like the name much though. In the States I think it’s just a “drying rack”. “Clothes Airer” gets stuck in my mouth when I try to say it! 🙂 The project also looks like it may not require much cash outlay in the wood side.

    I believe that Paul is hearing and addressing some of the recent negativity and criticism around project difficulty/sophistication by highlighting the 2 new joints and stressing the aspect of skill building for larger projects down the road (such as X, Y, Z…).

    Anyway, looks like fun and I’m sure I could use at least one of these somewhere in my house. Thanks Team!

  2. I do hope Paul introduces the bandsaw more often as I believe it the only machine a hand tool woodworker needs .and wouldbecome a very economical investment when one considers the capabilities.
    I love love to see how he goes about settling it up for various tasks as this content is hard to find especially from experienced craftsman

    Thank Dave

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